It’s almost Easter, and in preparation for the holiday, we’re dishing out some freshly-picked Easter design inspiration!!

We love how there are so many different ways you can go with the décor — from minimalist and monochromatic to bright and flourishing.


This beautiful design scheme uses a soft, gentle grey to create a soothing backdrop for other hues and textures to stand out. Whites, blacks, and natural colors look brilliant against this background, with which “less is more.” Natural elements, such as the pussy willows and floral arrangements, are refreshing amongst such a neutral, yet sophisticated, tone.

AAE - Easter6

AAE - Easter1

AAE - Easter2



What an all-embracing way to head into the Spring season with spritely colors and abundant décor elements. Both sweet and exuberant, this motif is striking without being too overpowering. The bright colors bring in a cheerful atmosphere while the fullness of the design components create a warm, inviting feel.

AAE - Easter4

AAE - Easter12

AAE - Easter11



This adorable collection of egg-decked Easter design is at once delicate and scrumptious! We appreciate the overall clean, distinct style along with a clear attention to detail. This kind of design approach elevates the ambiance and steps up the sophistication.

AAE - Easter 15

AAE - Easter8

AAE - Easter7



It’s such a delight to see raw, natural elements that you wouldn’t normally expect in a tablescape to so prettily suit interior design. When these touches combine with man-made components in one fluid concept it’s absolutely thrilling and such a joyful surprise.

AAE - Easter10

AAE - Easter5

AAE - Easter14

Whether you decide to go for full and colorful or minimal and refined, your Easter table will be complete with the gathering of friends and family. Enjoy your celebrations & Happy Easter Designing!



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