All About the Wedding | Kelsey + Noah


Welcome to All About the Wedding a collection of beautiful weddings that incorporate elements from All About Events’ rental repertoire! Today, we’re featuring a brilliant affair from Stewart UY Photography.

All About the Wedding | Kelsey + Noah

This lovely ranch wedding brings in beautiful views of the Central Coast landscape and charming country décor. The bright Spring colors create a cheerful and refreshing vibe while the barn-themed decorations add a down-to-earth, home-grown style to the whole affair.

We love how the mint green color serves as a through line throughout the event — from the invitations and bridal party garb to the cake stand and bride’s cowgirl boots! The bright floral hues generate an atmosphere of friendliness and celebration, and stand out against the *picturesque* neutral, desert-like tones of the stunning landscape. We love seeing this kind of nature-design contrast in weddings and find that the striking combination always enhances the distinct style of the whole event. Enjoy these eye-candy goodies; we hope they inspire your design as much as they’ve inspired us!

This event epitomizes the ranch-style weddings that are continuing to grow in popularity this year. We love how the motif really speaks to the bride and groom’s personalities and creates a genuine country feel that is at once welcoming and playful. We also appreciate how the vibrant colors of the design palette light up the barn, filling the space with a sweet, homey atmosphere. The Farmhouse Tables are used perfectly in the head table setting and seamlessly compliment the venue’s raw wood theme. Every detail of the design is so thorough and custom, we’re honored to have been a part of this beautiful, carefully styled big day!


ALL ABOUT EVENTS Rentals Featured:

1. Farmhouse TablesReception

2. Fruitwood Chiavari ChairsReception

3. Tableware [Glassware, Flatware, Plates, Serving Dishes]Cocktail + Reception


A Note on the Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs:

The Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs are one of our most popular selections in All About Events‘ chair collection and are ideal for ranch or barn venue settings. They bring a deeply-colored depth to the décor palette while also adding a touch of elegance to the entire event.  Versatile and stylish, our Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs are reconditioned after each use and carefully made to look rich and new for absolutely every event.


credit – source: Stewart UY Photography

Wedding Trends: Top Five Wedding Trends of 2015

It’s 2015, and with a new year come new trends! We’ve scouted out the hottest ones around from wedding industry experts and fashion gurus. Here, for your planning pleasure, are the top wedding trends of 2015:

1. Wild West Weddings. Get ready to get your “rustic” on — times 10! Rustic-elegant weddings have been gradually building in popularity, but this year, they’re going to a whole new level. Ranch venues will be extremely popular, according to Anja Winikka, site director of The Knot. Maybe it’s the thought of homemade jam as guest favors or kickin’ up those cowboy boots on the dance floor that’s drawing more and more couples to embrace a country-esque motif, but whatever the reason, raw wood tables and rustic décor will be the rave of the season.


2. GoPro Wedding Videos. GoPro cameras have taken the outdoor activities & adventure world by storm, and they’re now bringing an brand new dimension to capturing in-the-moment wedding memories. Dance floor festivities, down-the-aisle views, and even aerial shots are some of the innovative perspectives this new tech gadget is capturing in nuptial celebrations.


3. Bridesmaid Duties Made Easy by Handy-Dandy Apps. Speaking of technology, a bridesmaid’s tasks have never been more manageable than with today’s convenient apps to knock off to-do lists, plan excursions, and arrange transportation. Apps like TaskRabbit (a resource for outsourcing everything from running errands to decorating assistance), TouristEye (a trip-planning tool to find the best places and tips), and Lyft (for on-the-go transportation needs) provide at-your-fingertips tools to smooth out the logistics of bridal party responsibilities.


4. Formal Weddings Have a Major Comeback. Although rustic is in, those who choose to celebrate their union with a fancy affair will step it up quite a few notches and take the glam all the way. Fashioned after celebrity weddings and news-worthy affairs, those who want it all will make it happen this year.


5. Metropolitan Brides Forgo Dresses. Every woman wants to be beautiful on her wedding day, but perhaps even more so she wants to look unique. With celebrities such as Olivia Palermo and Solange Knowles ditching the traditional dress and opting for a more fashion-forward look comprised of a jumpsuit and chic separates, trends are bound to crop up.


photo credit [top to bottom]: / / / /

All About the Wedding | Molly + Ryan

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Welcome to All About the Wedding a collection of beautiful weddings that incorporate elements from All About Events’ rental repertoire! Today, we’re featuring a brilliant affair from The Grace Maralyn Estate & Gardens.

All About the Wedding | Molly + Ryan

We absolutely adore this warm Summer wedding, full of bright colors and cool, refreshing backdrops. The *bouquet* is certainly one of our favorites we’ve seen, with its colorful palette and beautiful array of poppies & greens.

The images capture the perfectly warm day and gorgeous naturescapes throughout the event — from the hillside background in the outdoor ceremony to the flourishing shrubbery of the charming estate. Every component seems so personalized and filled with love, creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere of pure celebration and joy. Check out how the couple blends the charm of rustic-chic décor with the delight of nature:

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This event is a perfect example of incorporating an array of styles and elements together in the form of one stunning affair. From the classic car and old-time ice cream truck to the charming yarn-tied cookie favors and flower-adorned marriage certificate, Molly + Ryan’s wedding represents the epitome of charm, endearment, sophistication, and a love of nature. We just can’t get enough of this wedding and we were so pleased to be a part of the couple’s big day!


ALL ABOUT EVENTS Rentals Featured:

1. Fruitwood Folding ChairsCeremony + Reception

2. Tableware [Glassware, Flatware, Plates, Serving Dishes]Ceremony + Cocktail + Reception

3. Décor [Linen]Ceremony + Cocktail + Reception


A Note on the Fruitwood Folding Chairs:

The Fruitwood Folding Chairs are great for both ceremony and reception seating. Continuously kept in tip-top shape, our Fruitwood Folding Chairs are returned to our warehouse after each event and carefully inspected by three different quality-control specialists. All necessary repairs are instantly made onsite and the dark wood is touched up or re-stained when needed so that each chair is as good as new for our next event! We love paying the utmost attention to detail and take pride in maintaining the highest level of quality for all of our clients. For more pictures of our richly-colored Fruitwood Folding Chairs, view: our rental Gallery.


Credit – source: rustic wedding chic / photography: Sarah Kathleen / venue: The Grace Maralyn Estate & Gardens, a California Wedding Venue / caterer: Maegen Loring Catering / floral designer: Noonan’s Wine Country Designs / ice cream truck: Negranti Creamery / cake designer: She Makes Cakes / music: Moonshiner Collective / linens: La Tavola Linen / calligraphy: Rosey Calligraphy / hair & makeup: Bluebird Salon / equipment rental: All About Events

All About the Wedding | Kaylee + Eric

AAE 12.15 #23

Welcome to All About the Wedding a collection of beautiful weddings that incorporate elements from All About Events’ rental repertoire. Today we have a lovely wedding from Atascadero!

All About The Wedding | Kaylee + Eric

Made up of neutral colors and soft tones, allowing the peach and pink accent colors to stand out, this delightful wedding is filled with beauty and elegance.

The ceremony lays the foundation for a simple, yet elegant, scene filled with dark wood chairs and ivory cushions. Soft-colored flowers add a touch of romance while not taking the focus away from the rest of the décor and, of course, the reason for being there in the first place! It’s easy to see, through such an understated and pretty look, that the ceremony is exactly designed to set the tone for what the couple really cares about — celebrating their union — as all elements guide the eye to the altar area. What a well-done ceremony setup!

We love that the reception is where the couple really brings out more personality and style. All of the printed signs are completely adorable (and, of course, useful for guests!), and the colors in the lounge pillows, flowers, and head table linen bring a cheerful and sweet ambiance to the whole affair.

* * * *

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What a truly sweet affair. Plus, nothing says nuptial celebration like twinkle lights and a tree-mounted chandelier! We love how the couple incorporated so many different elements of romance into their big day and created a heightened, festive feeling with just the perfect amount of décor.


ALL ABOUT EVENTS Rentals Featured:

1. Farmhouse TablesReception

2. TablewareReception Plates, Silverware, Serving Dishes

3. Dark Wood Folding ChairsCeremony & Reception


Special Note on the Farmhouse Tables:

It’s delightful to see our Farmhouse Tables (throughout reception area) used so beautifully with a single runner on top. Each table is hand-made, refurbished to perfection after every event, and extraordinarily sturdy. Their rich, dark color and unique wood grain made them a perfect choice for this rustic-elegant outdoor wedding.

* * * *


Feature Source: Style Unveiled | Photography: Jaime & Chase Photography | Venue:  Private Estate | Catering: Stein’s Catering | Wedding Dessert: McConnell’s Ice-Cream | Bride’s Dress:  Down the Aisle | Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom | Floral Decor: Adornments | Event Rentals: All About Events | Cinematographer: 17 Studios | Officiant: Mike Metcalf | Beauty: Twist Studio Spa | Musical Entertainment: Joe LaBarbera